We turn unused warehouses into affordable work spaces for London’s creative and entrepreneurial community. Currently based in Hackney, Wimbledon and Walthamstow, we provide co-working desks, studios, office space and music studios at prices to suit all budgets.

We’re not a big corporate workspace provider. We’re a startup, like you, with 4 employees.
We keep costs to a minimum by upcycling materials and building furniture ourselves. We fight to get the best rate on our leases so that we can pass the savings to you.We understand the needs of a small business, because we’re a small business.


Our spaces don’t look like IKEA showrooms. We don’t serve wheatgrass smoothies or have an onsite barbers. But Mainyard Studios are hand-made with love and we provide you with the space, community and support you need to grow your business. At a price you can manage.



The spaces we build are:

  • Filled with natural light
  • Made with natural materials
  • Contain plenty of glass.


As the foundation of our community we try to ensure that the mixture of professional and informal spaces:

  • Motivate people to work
  • Encourage people to feel comfortable through the warmth and transparency we aim to convey in the physical environment.



Strong relationships within a community are what drives idea exchanges and allows people to collaborate easily.


A community of creative individuals who share a common goal allows old problems to be seen in new light.


A basis of engaged people whom are happy and willing to share their expertise with the wider community can help to find creative ways to implement solutions that may not have been considered before.

Mainyard Studios provides opportunities for:


  • People to access knowledge and skills that may be challenging to come by
  • The chance to work from a professional and affordable office space
  • Have the option to network


We encourage and support the development and growth of our community by teaming up with a number of delivery partners and providing access to events such as:

  • social animation
  • mentoring programs
  • lectures
  • workshops