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Shoe Dog
Shoe Dog – A Memoir Written by the Creator of Nike, follows the struggles of Phil Knight fighting for his shoe company, the powerhouse we know as ‘Nike’. The influence
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Nujum Sports
Meet the Mainyarder Ebs Rahman! He is the founder of Nujum Sports and here’s his story on growing his organisation. What is Nujum Sports? Nujum officially launched in Aug 2020
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sustainable business
In today’s world, everyone is looking for a way to live sustainably and be environmentally conscious. This article explores the ways you can manage sustainable business practices at work  In
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get to know your customers
Getting to know your customers is fundamental for running any business. They are the sole reason your business is running in the first place, so here are some ways to get
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asian girl working on laptop to find a podcast sponsor
by Natasha Nicholls. Creative Hub and Podcast Studio Manager at Mainyard Studios.   Unless your podcast is already established and you are getting at least 3000 downloads per episode, it’s
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Meagan Wellman private office space in East London
Megan SE Wellman, owner and creator of her brand “M-Sew” is one of our Mainyard residents who has her own private office in East London.     Meagan Wellman has
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