Trans Pride Flag
Written by one of the awesome Mainyard Team, Theo Mallari.   As a trans and non-binary person myself, growing up in a largely homophobic town I’ve experienced a huge amount
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Neon sign with music note
Photo credit Mohammed Metri via   Best interviewing practice.   So we’ve found some amazing guests for our podcast. We’ve got so much to ask, yet so little time.
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Commercial Office Space with sign on wall written Punch today in the face
  Photo by Johnson Wang via Unsplash   So, you’ve answered the call to adventure and have taken the first steps on the heroic quest that is becoming an entrepreneur.
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Jake Attewell aka Itaewon, brings history through art to East London as part of London Mural Festival If you are a Londoner, we bet that you’ve heard before that East
Choosing Guests for Your Podcast   What does your listener want to learn?: Making a guest profile.    It’s always best to begin by asking ourselves, what might our listener
Black Guy Podcasting

September 29, 2020

Podcasting Made Simple

Photo credit Convertikit from Thinking of Getting Into Podcasting?    So there’s a lot, and I mean a lot of info out there about podcasting online these days. And
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