Jack Howson, Founder of Hackney Wick Drum Studio 

and drum teacher extraordinaire.

Music Studio Drumming Lessons

What Do You Actually Do In Your Studio, Jack?


What I do here at Hackney Wick Drum Studios is provide Drum lessons for beginners and experienced players alike.  People benefit from the lessons in a number of ways – it’s great exercise and brilliant for coordination, it’s rewarding learning new skills, it takes the mind away from the day to day stresses and ultimately its great fun.

I’ve been a drummer for over 28 years and teaching for 13 of those. I’m lucky enough to travel the world playing my instrument, but the most rewarding part for me is passing on my knowledge to people who are willing to try something new and want to enjoy learning new skills.


Music Studio Drumming Lessons

Why Drums And Not Some Other Instrument?

Drums were never a conscious choice. I got my first drum kit at 4 years old so I’ve been playing as long as I can remember. My dad’s a bass guitarist so music was always going on in the house growing up.

Who Is Your Biggest Hero?

My biggest hero would have to be my dad. We play in the same band together so I’m lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time travelling with him. He’s taught me everything I know.

What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Overcome?

I think the biggest challenge I have faced is self-motivation. Forcing myself to push forward each day and overcome social anxiety has always been difficult, but it’s such a rewarding job and I feel the more positive steps you take the easier it all becomes.


Music Studio Drum Lessons

Who Have You Drummed For And Where In The World?

I’ve been lucky enough to tour with some of the biggest selling artists from the ’60s. Names like Chris Farlowe, Peter No-one (Hermans Hermits) Mike Pender (The Searchers) and many more. Combined, they’ve sold over 100 million records!

In the last few years, drumming has taken me to France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain Portugal, South Africa, Gibraltar, The Azores, Madiera and probably a few other places I’ve forgotten along the way. Next year I’ll be off to Japan, Alaska and New York along with countless UK towns and cities.

What Are The Top 3 Tracks On Your Ultimate Playlist?

Taxman – The Beatles

Birdhouse – Tiny Moving Parts

Shake – Otis Redding

If You Could Get One Message Or Concept Out To Humanity, What Would It Be?

My one message would be ‘Be Kind’. Everybody faces daily struggles in one way or another, and you can make everything a little bit better with a smile, a kind word or a simple gesture. There’s not enough of it about.

Music Studio Drumming Lessons

Music Studio Drumming Lessons

Music Studio Drumming Lessons

To book a lesson with Jack in his state of the art studio either visit the contact page on www.hwdrumstudio.com or email jack@hwdrumstudio.com

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