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Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios


The Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios is back… and it’s happening this weekend!

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Hackney WickED‘s annual festival has been one of the coolest things on London’s arts calendar for the past few years. Earlier this year, fans were saddened to hear of plans for it to not be happening in 2015, then again had spirits rescued with the news it’d be regrouping and rebooting as a series of smaller events.

So here we are – and the first offering under Hackney WickED‘s new banner won’t leave anyone disappointed!

One of the best things about the recent festivals has been the DIY Open Studios : the casual yet rather exciting event which has many of Hackney Wick’s artists fling open their doors for  the weekend. The various creative boffins from studios throughout the densely clustered warehouses in the area are inviting you in for a chat all weekend, to check out their work, and take a peek at the characters and the process behind the creative and talented souls tinkering away in our local area.

Very hard to capture in a few paragraphs, but we can’t begin to tell you how much fun this is. Around every turn, something completely different; a digital installation, then a paper-craft master, then a sculptor, then up those scary, busted stairs over there, someone who only paints spooky, black and gruesome.

Honestly, despite High Quality replica watches over 50 artists having their doors open for most of the daytime this weekend, you’ll barely touch the sides, and be left wishing you had more time to get around them all.

It should also be said that this year has an extra special ring to it – with the Wallis studios set to be demolished (to make way for a shiny new apartment block), there’s a very real sense amongst the artists of “let’s do this one last time… and make it count”. Times are changing around Hackney Wick – fast – and the 2015 DIY Open Studios will certainly be the last for many of the artists currently looking with uncertainty Replica Rolex Best at the (literally) changing landscape.

Get on out there – the Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios really is as cool as all that. To check out all the participating artists, as well as downloading a convenient map so you know where you’re headed, check out the official website here, and we’ll see you there!

There really is nothing better you’ll do with your daytimes this weekend!


The Details:

Hackney WickED DIY Open Studios 2015

Where : all over Hackney Wick. (See the website for map/details)

When: Friday 26th June – 6 – 11pm, Saturday 27th June – 12 – 6pm, Sunday 28th June – 12 – 6pm

 Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1453282711650446/

Website : http://www.hackneywicked.co.uk/programe/event/diy-open-studios-2015/