Member of The Month @ Hackney Mainyard

Member: Rob Kassell, Managing Director at Lauriston Property Services

What Is Your Company & What Do You Do?

Lauriston Property Services maintain and refurbish properties in prime central London

When & What Made You Start Up Your Company?

A desire to take control of my life and do something for myself

What Do You Like About Our Hackney Site?

I love it. I like the sense of community, it enables me to separate my work life and my home life and I really like all the people.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

My Blue Peter badge which I lost at Glastonbury and my insane three year old

What Advice Would You Give To Others Starting Their Own Company?

Make sure you’re prepared but don’t be scared. You won’t die. I wish I’d done it sooner

If You Could Only Have 3 Things, What Would They Be?

I would like have to have Here East as my own…. thing to just have.

Oh! A fully staffed Kitchen garden, sir Terence Conran has one of those!

I’ve got everything I want


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