Pete Walker, founder of BuzzRamp

Member of The Month: Pete Walter, Founder of BuzzRamp

Name and position:

Pete Walter, Founder

What is your company and what do you do?

BuzzRamp is a platform that gives micro businesses and entrepreneurs the very best way of spending any time they have for Marketing & PR, and then supports them to take meaningful action. Even they haven’t got any spare time at all, users can outsource their suggested tasks to a professional with just a few clicks.

When and what made you start up your company?

Initially it was a problem that I had. I developed a former e-learning product and was teaching myself online marketing in order to sell it. I was consuming a fire hose of information but wasn’t really capable of making myself regularly take action on it. When I spoke to other entrepreneurs I realized that many of them had the same problem – how to fit marketing into their schedule on a regular basis and stick to it. So that’s when I started working on the idea.

What are you most proud of

When the first person said to me that they found BuzzRamp genuinely useful and were using it in their regular schedule. Outside of work I’m absurdly proud of my 14-month year old son.

What advice would you give others starting their own company?

Don’t worry about talking to people about your idea for fear that they will steal it. It’s 1000 times more likely that someone will give you some useful feedback or give you a useful connection than pinch your idea.  

When someone asked you ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ what did you say?

If you’re asking now, I’d say I’d be living in another country having seen BuzzRamp grow into a successful business. I also want to have broken the underwater piano playing world record.

Have you got any interesting phrases/ slogans that you live by?

‘Think, do’ is something I’ve taken on board over the last few years. It’s useful in terms of getting lots of boring stuff done.   

If you could only have 3 things, what would they be?

My family, my piano and good health.

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Social media handles: @buzzramp on twitter and Instagram or search for buzzramp on Facebook or linkedin.