New Wimbledon Creative Office Work Space!

New Wimbledon Creative Office Work Space!

Okay, so this isn’t a normal blog per say, but we’re very proud of our newest building in Wimbledon called Falcon Works and we want to shout about it!

Main Yard Studios help creative people with great ideas to advance both personally and professionally, by fostering an environment of growth through affordable, curated workspaces- our vision is to be the go to affordable workspace provider in London.

We’re super excited about Falcon Works as we’ve repurposed a run down industrial building (this one’s 12,000 square foot over two floors) and created a 24/7 accessible creative hub with over 40 office and sound proofed studios.

We’ve exported the best design features from our East London HQ (i.e. understated style), incorporated natural light as best we can throughout the spaces, taken advantage of a grant and got the place insulated, we’ve decked it out with super fast wifi broadband and installed security cameras.

So take this one photo, and then multiply it by 40 and you’ve roughly got what Falcon Works looks like inside (all of the studios are for 2,3 and 4, friendly and professional persons).

We don’t try to reinvent the wheel, we just believe in spaces that are affordable and accessible- ones which can support community and make people feel comfortable and productive.

In our other sites, we’ve had freelancers, business start-ups, creative professionals, social entrepreneurs, academic institutions and larger companies take advantage of the environments we create.

The studios at Falcon Works range between £300-£665 and are moving quickly- book a viewing by phoning 0208 986 4874 : )