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Call/Text/Whatsapp us on 07742 438 489

Enquire online with form or email podcast@mainyardstudios.co.uk to  book your podcast studio session

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Choose a date and time that is convenient. If you need a quick tutorial on the equipment or extra support from a production manager you can book that too.

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Record a Kickass Podcast

Grow your business build a community, share your ideas and work and impact people’s lives in a positive way through professional-quality podcasting.

Hourly Rental

What’s included?

  • Soundproof Studio
  • Rodecaster Pro
  • 4 x Podmic
  • 4 x Audio Technica Professional Headphones

Sound Engineer

What’s included?

  • Sound Engineer hourly rate
  • Fully set up, ready to go studio & equipment
  • Advice on good recording practices
  • Overseeing recording itself and capturing the show.
  • Ensuring the files are labeled & organized so that you leave with everything captured.

Podcast Creator Deal A

What’s included?

  • A free 30 min consultation
  • Recording Advice
  • Help to get you the best possible audio quality
  • Basic editing to get a professional sound
  • Royalty-free music from a trusted digital retailer
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Special discount for future bookings

Podcast Creator Deal B

What’s included?

  • Concept & Creation Assistance
  • In-person Recording Support
  • Production & Editing
  • Original Soundtrack Composition & SOund Design
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • FInalisation & Uploading
  • Plan to move your Podcast Forward & Benefit your Brand
  • Special discount for future bookings




For straight-up studio rental, the hourly rate is £25. this option is for podcasters who feel comfortable using the equipment and creating a podcast without assistance.We’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to use everything If it’s unfamiliar to you or you want a refresher!

What’s included?

  • Recording Studio for 1-4 People
  • Rodecaster Pro
  • 4 x Podmic
  • 4 x Audio Technica Professional Headphones
  • Free Tea/Coffee


Some of us like a little help with the equipment  and making sure that the microphones are not too close or far away from our mouths or that the audio files are in the correct format or maybe even just for those super special few, we actually pressed the record button on the podcast episode we just ‘recorded’.

What’s included?

  • Fully set up, ready to go studio & equipment
  • Advice on good recording practices such as microphone technique, positioning, how to reduce unwanted noise and get the best performance
  • Overseeing recording itself and capturing the show.
  • Ensuring the files are labeled & organized so that you leave with everything captured.


Podcast Essentials – You send us your recorded audio and we edit, mix & master for you.

What’s included?

  • A free 30 min consultation where we can chat about all things podcasting and discuss what works for you, and how to start your own podcast
  • Recording advice: best techniques, and recommendations on industry-standard recording methods
  • We will help make sure you get the best possible audio recorded from any setup
  • Basic editing including audio clean up, ums & ahs removed, as well as pops, clicks, sibilance & distortion. Tailored stories are not included in this package
  • Royalty-free music from a trusted digital retailer
  • Mixing & Mastering: we will make sure your podcast sounds consistent in volume and enjoyable at industry-standard volume levels
  • £100 for every episode following that for Deal B.


Hassle-free podcast production from start to finish.

For those that are serious about producing professional podcasts and are looking for that little extra. We’ve teamed up with podcast producer Sunny Robertson from Podcast Creator for consultation on the concept, recording, editing, and publishing.

What’s included?

  • Concept & Creation: we will help you develop a solid pre-production plan, with creative and original ideas tailored to your brand. We will explore how to make your podcast unique to you, how to get you started, and how to create a fun and enjoyable listening experience that keeps your listeners engaged.
  • Recording: we will be there in person to make sure you get the best possible audio recorded
  • Production & Editing: we will craft your audio into a cohesive story as well as making sure the audio is crystal clear, removing any clicks, pops, plosives, sibilance & distortions
  • Original soundtrack composition & sound design that is completely unique to you & your brand
  • Mixing and Mastering: we will make sure it sounds perfect, consistent, and enjoyable at industry-standard volume levels
  • Finalization & Uploading: we will help you get your podcast uploaded across all of the relevant platforms
  • As well as concrete steps on how to take your podcast forward and how the podcast you’ve now created can continue to benefit your brand in the long-term
  • £200 per episode after that for package A.

About Us

It’s hard to know where to start with a podcast when you have a great idea or how to get professional quality results. It’s easy to get weighed down by all of the different roles you’ll need to take on while making your first podcast or improving the quality or performance of an existing one.

The secret to a great podcast is making sure that you’re well prepared and have a solid plan and have a professional level space with great equipment to record.

At Mainyard Studios we make it our business to provide great value, professional spaces and we’ve done that with the podcast studios.

And to help you to create high-quality results we’ve kitted them out with great yet simple to use the equipment and to help you make engaging podcast episodes that engage your audience, stand up from the crowd and help you grow your brand, we’ve teamed up with Sunny Robertson of Podcast Creator to bring you an added level of support.

Sunny Robertson, founder of ‘Podcast Creator’ has over a decade of audio industry experience, working with award-winning brands and advertising agencies, as well as an emerging talent in the music industry.

Sunny recently won an award for his work on Sangeeta Pillai’s ‘Masala Monologues’ at the ‘British Podcast Awards 2020’, alongside the new ‘Spotify Sound Up Award’ this podcast received, going on to become a Spotify Original. “My favorite thing about working on podcasts are the people and their stories.  They create these amazing movements and do important work opening up discussions while developing strong communities around their brand. When I go into a studio, you won’t find me fixated over a new bit of kit, despite wholeheartedly being an audio geek. You’ll find me over with the host & the guests enjoying their company and finding out what they’re all about! I like to make people feel welcome and comfortable. It’s a strange thing and always will be, going to a place and talking into a microphone, hearing yourself back. My job, first and foremost, is to make the experience feel more natural, getting to the point where we are having a conversation as we normally would in everyday life…whilst being captured to perfection. That’s when the magic happens!”


How can I book?

Bookings can be made online, using this link and filling out an enquiry form. Or you can email podcast@mainyardstudios.co.uk

What are your hourly rates?

The rate for booking the podcast studio is £25 per hour

Do you also have day rates?

If you would like to book the studio for the day, or for an extended period of time, please email podcast@mainyardstudios.co.uk

Where are you located?

We are currently located at Mainyard Studios in Leyton, here
We also have studios opening soon in Hackney Wick, Tower Hamlets and Hackney Central

Will there be anyone there to assist during my booking?

You will have an induction on your first visit to the studio. If you will need podcasting assistance during any following bookings, please book a Sound Engineer during the online booking process.

I’ve never recorded a podcast! Will there be anyone to show me how to use the equipment?

You will have an induction on your first visit to the studio, where a friendly member of the team will help you set up and show you how to use the equipment. If you would like further assistance on your next bookings, you can book a Sound Engineer through the Booking Form on this site.

Can I view the space before I book?

If you would like to see the space before booking, please request this by email: podcast@mainyardstudios.co.uk

What time are you open?

Bookings can be made between 9 am and 6 pm Mon – Fri. If you require a booking outside of these hours, please email podcast@mainyardstudios.co.uk

Many people can be accommodated in the studio?

1-4 People can be accommodated in the studio

How many microphones are there?

We have 4 Rode Pod Mics in the studio

Is there tea and coffee onsite?

There sure is! Free tea, coffee, and biscuits are available all day (watercooler chats optional)

Is there any parking onsite?

There is no parking onsite. There are 4 hours of free parking available at Asda Leyton Mills Superstore here if you make a purchase. There is also Leyton Underground Tube station 5 min walk away. See the directions here.

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