Proven Ways to Grow Your Creative Business in an Affordable and Stylish Workspace.

Proven Ways to Grow Your Creative Business in an Affordable and Stylish Workspace.

Whether this is desk in a coworking space, an office or music studio in a dedicated creative hub (or even a corner somewhere in your own home), there are practices and measures to seriously boost serotonin levels and even increase your creative performance.

• Go for curves in furniture design and arrange it in a circle.
According to a study carried out in 2011 people find round edged furniture far more appealing than its straight edged counterparts and arranging it facing together as opposed to in a linear way induces more of a collective mindset.

• Choose appropriate lighting and make use of colour and space.
Colours and levels of light evoke different psychological effects. Ideally, installing a lighting system that permits you to alter these two elements would allow you to flow between different tasks and continue productivity.
For example, tasks that call for the generation of new ideas are best supported by blue and green. Yet a task requiring attention to detail is linked more with the colour red.
Advanced creativity in terms of idea generation is much more prevalent in a dimmer environment.
The beautiful Xicato lights in our Mainyard workspaces in Hackney Wick and Wimbledon are a testament to this!
By contrast, bright lights lend themselves better to analytical and evaluative tasks.

• Go Green!
Indoor plants in the office environment have multiple benefits including reducing stress and reducing fatigue during attention demanding work.
Certain types of plants can also offer some air purifying benefits improving the quality of the air in the workspace or home.

• Windows on the World Work Wonders!
…Preferably with a view! Not everyone is privileged enough to look out of their workspace window onto rolling hills or a sparkly blue ocean however, even just a view of some trees or interesting architecture has restorative effects on the mind.
Failing that, find somewhere that is a short walk from a green space or park and schedule regular decompression time in these areas.
Another benefit of a window is of course natural light we don’t need to explain how revatalising for the soul it is. Interconnecting windows between offices such as those you’ll find at Mainyard promote connectivity and openness amongst the workspace community members.

• A little bit of mess goes a long way.
A study at the University of Minnesota found that people working in a messy workspace came up with more imaginative ideas than their counterparts in the tidy space.
That’s not a cue for naturally ordered people to start chucking stuff around their workspaces, more a comfort for those who have untidy tendencies, that this is perfectly natural. Do what works for you in your own workspace. Be that tidy or dishevelled. However please respect the communal areas. The messy kitchen you may find endearing, has no place in a shared environment.

• Birds of a Feather, Flock Together.
“I am what I am because of who we all are” -Definition of the Ubuntu concept
The benefits of being surrounded by like-minded people are not lost on us here at Mainyard.
We put a lot of effort into curating our workspaces. Sometimes this means turning businesses away that are either not complimentary, nor add value to the established creative community.
It also means sometimes asking businesses to leave if turns out they actually do not share our values of professionalism, openness, respect, understanding the value in everything and creating and tolerating no drama.

About Mainyard Studios:

Join our community of like-minded creatives and enjoy professional facilities including superfast internet, meeting rooms and great transport links to central London.
You and your team will also have 24/7 access and use of our meeting rooms, kitchens and communal spaces at any of the Mainyard locations across London including Hackney Wick, Walthamstow and Wimbledon.
Join Our Community of Creatives!

Every workspace includes a huge range of unique benefits for every member.

• 200 Strong Creative Community Across 3 Locations
• –and access to a private dedicate facebook group providing opportunities to connect and collaborate.
• Exclusive Events
• From sharing breakfast to workshops and learning events, you can attend social and professional events at any location and connect with other members in person.
• Growing Together
• The biggest source of inspiration at Mainyard is our members. Collaborate, share knowledge and skills. You’ll see that our members are full of ideas that can help your business grow. Many of our members have done business together.