Supper Tub : Hot Tub Dining…. Wait… What??

Supper Tub : Hot Tub Dining…. Wait… What??



Yes, it’s finally here. We’ve reached the dawning of a new age of aquatic canal-side dining – Supper Tub. Or, in other words, nomming on Peruvian food, throwing back fine cocktails all from the comfort of a broiling hot tub.

Oh, and one other thing : it’s happening right here at Number 90.

You’ve probably heard about this crazy idea — it’s been getting a lot of play online in the last few weeks, though none so controversial as Buzzfeed‘s recent piece titled “21 Reasons London Just Needs To Stop“. Supper Tub made it to the number five spot : both disappointing and hilarious at the same time. I suppose there were always going to be a few haters to such a kooky idea, but you know what? Hell, if someone wants to eat tapas in a hot tub, surely Hackney Wick is the place to make that dream come true, right?

However, like many things in life, there’s only one way to have a truly informed opinion on this one : get in that tub. They had their official launch this week, now fully up and running for the next couple of weeks. Like anything quirky/awesome in London, you’re going to have to get in quick if you want to reserve tickets.

What say you all? Who’s in? Let us know what you think via Facebook / Twitter — for anything else, check out the details below:



Site :

Where : Number 90 Bar + Kitchen (90 Wallis Road, E9 5LN … like, right here.)

Tickets : Reserve your place now, here. (You can book a 2 hour spot in the tub!)