5 Benefits Londoners Have Found Not Commuting Into The Office

This week we are fortunate to have our blog post written by Auria Heanley, of Oriel Partners,  helping businesses find great PA and VA team members through their simple and personal approach.

With her ear to the ground on what people are saying about the current working limitations due to global pandemic, Auria has uncovered 5 benefits that Londoners have found in NOT commuting into a central London office.

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The global pandemic has meant more people than ever before have been successfully working from home or working away from their regular workplaces, and this trend is looking to continue as we enter into 2021. For Londoners, not having to commute into central London on crowded tubes, busses and trains, has seen many advantages, notably more time available and less cost. In this article, we explore further some of these benefits


The most obvious benefit of not commuting to work is the savings made in travel costs. Whilst still earning the same salary but without having to spend a percentage of it on travel, people can put this towards their savings, paying off previous debt or enjoying a higher standard of living. Moving forward, if employers are more open to the idea of flexible working and employees are only required to come into the office for a few days a week, or even less, this will continue to give people more disposable income. In addition to this, for parents who work and pay for childcare, reducing or cutting out time spent commuting will allow parents to drop off their children later and collect them earlier, resulting in lower childcare costs – and importantly, more time spent with their children.


The time spent commuting in and out of your office can take up several hours of your day. By being able to reclaim this time, you have more hours available to spend doing the things you love, reducing the time pressure and need to rush around, and possibly even restoring a better work-life balance. According to Instant Offices, Londoners have the longest commute times in the country at an average of 74 minutes – almost twice the worldwide average of 40 minutes. These additional hours, which add up over the course of weeks and years, can be spent more productively than sitting on public transport.


Having more time available to you each day, which would otherwise be spent commuting, allows more time to do the things you’re passionate about. Be it seeing family and friends, doing exercise, or just relaxing, this flexibility to spend more time doing things you love helps to reduce stress and increases wellness. In London, the commute during peak hours can often be in rather overcrowded tubes and trains which is not the most pleasant, so avoiding this each day can help improve your standard of living. In addition to working from home, some people have also found local coworking spaces to be beneficial to boosting their wellbeing – by staving off loneliness and the distractions that can come from working at home.


With fewer people commuting to work every day, there is a reduced number of vehicles on the roads. Fewer vehicles equal fewer carbon emissions, which will only have a positive impact on our environment, making our air cleaner. If Londoners are only required in their offices occasionally rather than five days a week, they may be more tempted to walk or cycle to their offices when they do commute in.


Some people have found not commuting into the office has made them more productive at work. Some of this may be down to the increase in time they have available, meaning a better work-life balance, which is proven to increase productivity. While others have found productivity increased by exploring working from coworking spaces in their local area. Coworking spaces can supercharge productivity, offering an alternative professional environment, with a welcome break from the distractions of working from home. 


There are clearly many benefits of not commuting to work and 2020 has shown employers how successfully staff can still perform when not based in the office. By being able to significantly reduce overheads and by having smaller and subsequently cheaper office space, many businesses are looking at how they structure their business. With the improvements in technology, remote working or more flexible working has become possible and should not impact the quality or quantity of work Londoners can do in many roles. There are many ways businesses can be re-structured to ensure teams stay connected and communication still flows effectively.

About the Author 

Auria Heanley is Co-founder & Director at Oriel Partners a PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London. Auria is passionate about helping PA & VA candidates to stand out from the crowd.


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