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COVID-19 has taken a lot of us away from the office we spend much of our days in, with many team members working from home.


Businesses have seen both pros and cons arise out of this, and many are wondering whether remote working is the future of wider business operations. Many are forgetting that office spaces come with many benefits – ones we seem to have forgotten or dismissed in favour of the short term cost savings of eliminating office overheads from the business budget.

However, whilst working from home suits some. Many others suffer from lower productivity, feeling isolated and generally lower mental well being.


Here, we share five benefits of working in an office that we’re all forgetting:


Office culture

If there’s one thing working from home can’t replace it’s the culture that the office can create. The general camaraderie and mood of the office can go a long way in pushing teams to work harder and more efficiently. On top of this, knowing exactly when you’re going to go to lunch and when your meetings are scheduled is great for time management.


Interpersonal Networking

While zoom calls and instant messaging allows workers to communicate quickly while at home, the networking that can be done when working in the same physical space is unmatched. Not only this but surrounding by your team is a lot better for your self-assurance and those times you might be uncertain.


Easier And More Dynamic Teamwork

Teams just don’t work as well over a virtual call or in a group chat. While many have adapted to working from home, in-office teams have the irreplaceable benefit of instant communication and feedback, with tasks easily divided amongst workers and constant updates not relying on typed-out messages and waiting.


Employer/Employee Communication

No one wants to get called into the boss’ office while they’re sat in their own home. Employers can far more easily communicate and share information in a real-life office setting, which allows them to quickly understand how their staff is doing and what’s going on instead of chasing up people through emails or calls.


Balancing Work And Life

The place you rest ideally shouldn’t be the place you do your admin work. Leaving your home and going to a dedicated space for work then going home at the end of the day, gets you in and out of the mindset of work. This allows you to shift your focus in the same way your body reacts to physically arriving or leaving work.



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