Disadvantages of working from home

Disadvantages of working from home


This is one of many posts that will hopefully convince you to take the leap into going into a coworking space or private office. Believe it or not there are plenty of key disadvantages of working from home that no one talks about! So we’ve gathered up some points to help you decide the next step to take towards the perfect working environment.


  1. Damaging Productivity 

  2. Working Fuel (lack of)

  3. Separation from home/work life

  4. No social interaction with others



Damaging productivity

Everyone who’s pondered the idea of working from home, will tell you just how damaging it will more than likely be to your productivity. This is because our homes are FULL of things we find interesting, engaging and distracting. When creating/scaling a start-up, you cannot afford to have these distractions around, you are building a business here, not taking up a half hearted hobby.

When renting private offices especially, you will have everything you need to succeed and you eliminate the disadvantages of working from home. You can of course bring in any other equipment or electronics to help you achieve your goals. The difference between the office and being at home is that you are focused. Being in that office environment (no matter how chilled it might be), reminds you of the importance of what you are trying to achieve and motivates you.

Whether that’s scaling your business so you can quit your 9-5, or following a passion regardless of the outcome, this is what you want to do. This isn’t always clear to entrepreneurs or freelancers just starting up, and you’ll probably be tempted to give up at least once a week. Don’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business be. Instead surround yourself with a productive environment, all the tech and equipment you need and of course plenty of free tea/coffee and snacks!


Working Fuel

When working in a coworking space or private office, you will be thrown into a mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative businesses. These business owners could be potential competitors to you and if you’re not careful, outwork you! I love competition and that inspires me to work harder and better than everyone else. I’m sure for any passionate freelancer or entrepreneur, this will be the same for you.

At some point you have to be tired of not being number one and do everything to ensure your success. Outworking the competition, getting rid of distractions and being in the right environment. These are all fantastic ways of achieving success that are all free or available at some fantastic prices if you know where to look.

Don’t get me wrong however, sometimes competition isn’t what drives a person, cooperation and teamwork is. Plenty of our residents like to converse with each other and attend workshops or game nights we sometimes host for our residents and staff. We love supporting our residents dreams and goals and we want you to succeed as badly as you do. 


Separation from work/home life   

One of the hardest things when working a full time job or starting up a business/freelancing service, is separating your home and work life. This is almost impossible to do from home. When working at home your two lives are mixed permanently.

There is no easy way or trigger to switch off and enjoy your home and social life. This is because you have no stimulant which tells you ‘‘Phew works over’’. It can be VERY easy to over work yourself or even under work yourself if you can’t get into a routine or pattern.

No social interaction with other people

Your team is the most important asset of your company. This makes working remotely difficult as communication between the team drops significantly. One of the best parts of working in an office is sharing the space with your team. You can bounce ideas off each other but also give verbal feedback on how to improve their work and yours. This doesn’t only apply to teams. Freelancers also need to have a social connection with other people to grow their network. At Mainyard Studios, we want to grow and build a supportive entrepreneurial community. A place where you can create meaningful connections and also collaborate with one another. We have even created other blog posts to help you decide what some of the best bars and restaurants around our office locations can be used to BOOST that social interaction!


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Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great day!!