Meet the Mainyarders – Ewa Kwiatiowska, Founder of E&VA London Scented Vegan Candles

Meet the Mainyarders – Ewa Kwiatiowska, Founder of E&VA London Scented Vegan Candles


Ewa at a table holding a candle

Welcome to Mainyard Studios, who you are and what is your business?

My name is Eva and I run the company Eva Candles Ltd. All my products are paraffin-free, hand-poured and I use only natural ingredients like soy wax and cotton wicks.


What was the deciding factor in selecting Mainyard Studios?

Living in Wimbledon I was looking around in my neighbourhood for an inspirational and professional working environment where people like me who are full of enthusiasm and motivation gather together to complement each other with their skills, motivation and experience.

I have seen plenty of workshops and offices, however, Mainyard Studios triggered my interest from the first sight and my gut feeling was telling me it’s a factory of ideas, cooperation and support where we can grow together.

Ewa making candles in her studio

Eva in her studio preparing luxury scented candles made from soy wax and high-quality essential oils

What do you enjoy doing to relax away from building your business?

I love skiing and musicals.

Winter activities in the mountains give you a fresh and healthy perspective where to put your focus, redirect your minds to a bigger picture and teach you humbleness and respect for nature.

Musicals are truly pieces of art proving that ideas, teamwork and talent can lead to exceptional effects and unforgettable experience.


What makes your product amazing?

Being obsessed with the flame, light and fragrance but with no purpose to sell candles to the public, I have created a natural, safe and beautiful product for myself.

I went through a long period of mental and physical pain to reach such a high quality and now I wish to share this result with others.

Eva candles give you a reason to create a beautiful moment making your day happier.


Where is your dream location, or favourite place to visit?

Seychelles is one of the best selling fragrance from my candle collection. I wish to check if the place smells as beautiful as the candles.


Can you tell us an unusual fact about yourself?

For more than two decades I have been a big corporation animal providing leadership to gaming companies.


If you could leave a message for humanity what would it be?

Dare to do the things that scare you!