Fun Things To Do in Hackney Central

We handpicked our favourite things to do in Hackney Central to craft this short but sweet blog post.


Hackney has plenty of fun and interesting things to do, from bars and parks to gigs and restaurants! There are several amazing bars in Hackney, two of which are named in our Contrasting Bars in Hackney post so make sure to check that out. If drinking isn’t your thing, there are a few really nice and peaceful parks in Hackney which are great to visit any time of the year.

One is Victoria Park which is my personal favourite. Another would be London Fields, a truly wonderful place to relax and unwind. You could also check out the cuisine scene of Hackney Central which is truly a must-do on your visit.

We have listed our favorite Top 5 restaurants to go to in Hackney Central so see there for some great recommendations! Broadway Market, a street full of places to eat, should satisfy any palate or hungry individual. you may experience exploring Hackney.

You can also visit St. Augustine’s Tower and you will take in some amazing views of London. Don’t worry the stair climb isn’t treacherous and is actually quite enjoyable. Even exploring Hackney’s side streets can be quite an adventure and be very fun to appreciate the architecture of the surrounding buildings and the borough’s history. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful. Maybe it made you think about spending some time in Hackney and exploring!