Meet Katie Stockdale Owner of Juno, A Wellness Space and Café in Leytonstone

Katie Stockdale, owner of Juno has created a women-centred wellness space and café in Leytonstone, East London and we are excited to share this interview!

Katie Stockdale - Owner of Juno, wellness space and cafe in Leytonstone

Katie Stockdale, owner of Juno has created an open space for open minds. Juno is a woman-centred wellness space & cafe in Leytonstone, East London; hosting workshops and classes that challenge and change the female narrative; from periods to pregnancy, money to mindfulness, nutrition to new medicine. Here is our interview with Katie about Juno!

“Katie, tell us how did the Juno story start? What motivated you to open a woman-centred open space and café in Leytonstone?”

Education and empowerment are at the beating heart of what we do here at Juno. There are many aspects of women’s health that are ignored or misunderstood, We want to normalise and celebrate things that have been labeled a problem in the past. There were alot of online communities having these conversations but nothing in person here in the UK and we are very passionate about connection and community at Juno. Magic happens when people get together in real life.

“How did you come up with the name, Juno, for your business? What is the meaning behind it?”

So many people ask me this and I actually do have a legit response!  I was researching names of egyptian goddesses and deities (i’m a bit of a history geek) but none of the names rolled off the tongue. I expanded the search to greek and roman goddesses and I chanced upon Juno, who was the goddess of the lives of women and said to watch over the women of Rome. It was a no brainer and it still sounds modern so there you go!

“What are you most proud of since starting Juno?”

Surviving covid-19 as a business and launching during a pandemic! it’s a very strange time to launch. Unpredictable at best.

” You are meeting women frequently via your job. What are the biggest difficulties that they face nowadays due to society’s prejudices and expectations? How do you help them?”

Time constraints, and trying to do all the things, all the time. A lot of Womxn we meet have been putting themself at the bottom of a very to do list and consequently are burning out! Lockdown and all of the additional stress really added fuel to that fire. We aim to offer an antidote to that and a place where you can take the time for yourself, even if it’s only for a couple of hours

We get a lot of new parents visiting and it’s a shitty time to be expecting. Being the primary carer for a new baby can be incredibly isolating at the best of times, Never mind the worst! It’s been heartwarming to see the new parents coming in and having socially distanced meet ups with their friends.

We want to support womxn at all key milestones in their life and having a baby is arguably one of the biggest! We have an awesome selection of classes, workshops and 121s available for pregnant and new parents including hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and 121 support with a Doula.

“Juno encourages body positivity and mindfulness. What empowering advice would you give to women that are too hard with themselves?”

This is unpicking years of negative narrative from the media about our bodies not being ‘good enough’ as we are so it probably won’t happen overnight.

Self love and acceptance is a journey, not a destination. There’s gonna be ups and downs and twists and turns so surround yourself with people that support you and want to hold your hand along the way.

“How does Juno help women through its wellness space and café in Leytonstone?”

By creating a safe space to explore all aspects of women’s health and wellbeing. We host classes and workshops that challenge and change the female narrative. From Periods to Pleasure, From Money to Mindfulness, From Nutrition to New medicine. Our cafe serves to bring our community together IRL whether it’s curling up with a cuppa and a book from our lending library or joining one of our peer support groups.

“During Covid-19, you were forced to close-down the doors to your wellness space. What is the biggest challenge that Juno faced during this lockdown?”

We only really had the doors open for a week before lockdown and that was the softest of soft launch for private events and I was in the process of gearing up to launch the cafe which we then couldn’t do so it was a real false start for us. Just having to wait it out and stay positive while revenue generation off the table.

“What were you doing different during this time of uncertainty to ensure that the business keeps moving?”

I cant really answer this as I didnt have a business over lockdown! I had to look after my son and try and pivot my other business.

“How did the demand for wellness services change post-lockdown?”

We only launched after lockdown so it’s hard to say.

“What is the mantra that keeps you motivated every day?”

“Good things are fucking coming” is one and “everything that happens is for my greater good in life” is another.

“What is the best advice that you have ever received for Juno?”

Don’t try and do everything yourself! You will crash and burn really quickly

“If you were given a chance to start Juno from scratch, what would you do differently this time?”

Maybe get a business partner…i’m wearing a lot of different hats at the moment! Hindsight is always 2020 vision though right?

“What do you have planned for Juno in the next years?”

We are shortly about to launch our digital program, I was in two minds initially as in-person and face to face support is so important and integral to what we are creating with Juno and I wanted to make sure it was authentic (apologies for use of such a cliched word!)  but there is a thirst for it, people are asking and of course we are not out of the woods with lockdown looming so from a business standpoint, it makes sense and we can do it with integrity.

The next step is for us to launch a lifestyle edit of product to buy both online and from our space in Leyton. Everything from herbal tonics to fem-tech. I used to be a buyer so I’m particularly excited about this.

There has definitely been a lot of passion and hard work been put into Juno, if you loved the interview and want to head own to this amazing women-centred wellness space and café in Leytonstone at 102 Rookery Court, 80 Ruckholt Road, Leyton, E10 5FA.

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