Leyton Rent

Leyton Rent

Leyton Rent


Leyton has been undergoing a long but crucial revitalization over the last few years. This has made it not only a nicer place to live and work, but also quite the prize in real estate and the housing market. 

We thought we’d shed a little bit light on costs for anyone considering working in Leyton to either avoid the commute or cut back on living costs. Our marketing team have spent time researching the average prices to live in Leyton and what kind of salary would provide a comfortable living. While Leyton rent may be a little expensive, this cost does offset any unnecessary long commutes if you work in London or even some parts of Essex.  


Rent Costs


Size of property Average Rent Cost Median Rent Cost
One bedroom £1,312 pcm £1,200 pcm
Two bedroom £1,575 £1,495
Three bedroom £1,945 £1,800
Four bedroom £2,080 £2,000
Five bedroom £2,360 £2,290


As you can see the average rent has risen over the last 10 years and Leyton has now become a fairly desirable place to live. We have explained exactly why this might be in our Mainyards Guide to Leyton which you will have free access to using the link below.


Mainyard’s Guide To Leyton


Food Costs


While food costs in London are of course higher than most places in the UK, in Leyton and other such areas, you are lucky enough to have superstores such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and major superstores in a relatively small vicinity of Leyton Town. 


With this in mind and cutting out all takeaways and giving yourself a small budget to enjoy yourself on the weekends, we estimate it will take roughly £250-300 to feed one person and have a good time doing it. 


Of course this is just an estimate as tempting takeaways and restaurants will completely destroy that budget within a week, but why not treat yourself as long as you can manage!

Council Tax Bands For Walthamstow Forest


Each band has a different price for council tax, when searching for a new property to rent, always make sure to jot down which council band it is in as it can be a sneaky cost that ends up with you budgeting incorrectly and frankly, being left with no money. There are 8 council tax bands and all of them vary in price. 


Below, we’ve done the annoying work for you and listed each price for the separate tax bands and included the annual price change which is increased by 5.8%.  


A £1,242.11 5.8%


B £1,449.13        5.8%


C £1,656.15 5.8%


D £1,863.17 5.8%


E £2,277.21 5.8%


F £2,691.25 5.8%


G £3,105.28 5.8%


H £3,726.34 5.8%

Miscellaneous costs


Income Tax 


Unfortunately we weren’t able to accurately get a number on such as your income tax which will greatly vary depending on what your salary is. 


Phone Bill/Broadband Provider


Again, with broadband providers, what you buy will greatly depend on how much you can budget into it. Average costs can start from as low as £19,however, if you’re in need of some decent speed wifi that can handle more than just existing, then £36 is more along the lines of what you can expect to pay. 


Electric, gas and water bills


This is definitely something to consider as if you are someone who runs a lot of tech at once or likes to take a nice 2 hour shower, then this could be another sneaking cost that bites you out of nowhere. 

Commute costs


Even after living in Leyton, if you still have to commute, this could definitely rack up a handsome sum at the end of each month, with an average daily travel card for an adult is around £12 – £14.


Average Salary to live comfortably 


We have estimated that an average salary to live in Leyton AND have some savings at the end of each year for either a rainy day fund or a deposit, would be just over £30,000. This is based completely on personal preference of course, if you lived in shared accommodation or with flat mates or even in a room in a property, your costs would decrease significantly. 


We hope you enjoyed our living in Leyton post and what to expect to pay for the main living expenses!