Make Money On Youtube. 10 Tips!

Make Money On Youtube. 10 Tips!

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Want to Make Money on Youtube? Future Proof Your Business And Generate More Leads. Become a video making cash machine by following these tips to make money on Youtube.

Putting energy into creating videos for a youtube channel is essential for any business wanting to not just survive but to thrive and even dominate their market segment. If you are brilliant.
Not there yet? Here are some tips to slightly increase your chances to make money on Youtube

Don’t Film Yourself In A Dumpster.

Unless you want people to only watch the first seconds of your video, you should pay attention to two essential details: light and sound. Have a look around on YouTube and see what great videos have in common. There are many tutorials about this subject out there. Here are a few:

Don’t Be Lame On Camera.

Avoid at all costs to be lame in your videos. If you don’t feel like being on camera, get someone to create animations for you. If your subject is boring, keep it short and let your clients have a feel of your personality, this will make them more comfortable when meeting you.
Your clients keep asking the same questions? Use a video to answer all that, it will save time for you and for them.

Don’t Look Like A Fool. Ever Heard Of Fools Gold?

Did you ever see someone trying too hard to be sexy? What was the result? Ewwww!
Trying too hard will make you look creepy and probably scare viewers away.

Don’t Just Film Any Old Crap.

If you are going to do it half-hearted. Stay put and play solitaire, you will have a lot less to worry about. Take time to imagine what you want to do. Plan it, rehearse it, rearrange it. Rehearse it, rewrite it, think about it, film it. Rearrange it, rewrite it… you get a general idea.

Don’t Give Away Everything At Once In The First Video.

Leave your prospects’ mouths watering, if you can. Give them enough information so that they assume you are trustworthy and knowledgeable; if you give away, all your secrets, people will just grab them and run.

Don’t Ignore The Youtube Audience.

Who are you trying to touch with your videos and what are their problems that you are solving with your vidoes? Age, sex, origins, background, wealth, health… these are all essential things to take into account when deciding what to do.
Don’t you hate it when your butler forgets your turn down your bed?!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet.

Making money from YouTube is a dream, if you get there, good for you. Just don’t depend on it for now. Like with any venture that has the potential to be lucrative and financially rewarding, it takes time, patience and a butt load of work.

Don’t Take Forever To Say What You Want To Say.

People these days have a small attention span. Like a toddler on caffein, so keep it short and straight to the point. If you are not a well-known celebrity, no one cares why your hair is doing a ‘squiggly woo hoo’ thing. They care about what you are doing that helps them.

Don’t Get Angry With Haters.

They see you rollin’, they hatin’! This is the rule, accept it and move on. Getting worked up will take your energy away. Haters and Trolls have taken time out of their lives, consumed your content and left a (sometimes hateful) comment to distract themselves from their own crappy lives. They need compassion not more fuel for their discontent. Interacting with your audience is good, keep positive and playful.

Don’t Build A House By Starting With The Roof.

Find ideas first. Look at channels in your chosen niche and see what they are doing. What works for them, what doesn’t work for them (number of views and subscribers is a good indicator of this). What would you do differently and add how would you add your own twist? Do you want to educate, inform or entertain? Or all 3?

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