Meet the Mainyarders: Elle McIntosh of Twipes

Meet the Mainyarders: Elle McIntosh of Twipes

Welcome, please state your name, your company’s name and briefly what your company does.


Hi, my name is Elle, I am the co-founder of Twipes. We make biodegradable, truly flushable wet wipes that are gone in water in three hours.


How and why did you start your company?


The company started from a problem that a friend of ours told us over breakfast, saying how he’d blocked his toilet three times that month. That year rather. And it was February.

So, it was a very busy month of January for him. It was disgusting. We decided that you can’t flush wipes. We were talking about it with him and I sort of said, well, you can’t flush wipes. And he said, oh no, you can. you can’t! And that’s where the idea was born from.


My background is science, I’m a biomedical material and chemical scientist.

My co-founder does the business side of things. And that’s where the kind of brainchild of Twipes began, mainly because we wanted to try and do our best with the environment as well.


How do you preserve relationships with customers?


So how we preserve our relationships with our clients and our customers and how we started them is mainly through marketing. A lot of the stuff we do is speaking to people, going out there talking to as many people as possible.  From about 2015 to 20 17/ 2018, we did maybe 40 to 45 different competitions, speaking events, gigs. All over the place. Like it was ridiculous. So just doing that and having the word of mouth was great.


Obviously now with the pandemic and what’s been going on, it’s been harder to, you know, to have the product for our customers. So communication really is key here. Being able to speak to our customers and talk to them, listen to them, and keep them updated. This is what’s happening. If this is how things are going, it’s really key to maintain those relationships because most of the time, they see through what you’re doing, If you’re lying to them. you’ve just got to be as honest as possible.


What has been your company’s biggest Milestone?


Biggest milestone ever? throughout the entirety of the company? I think it would be getting our own private office. And it’s not just within mainyard. We had our first private office on Oxford Street. And that was a tiny one-person office. You could barely fit anyone in. And we thought to ourselves we’re a real, fully-fledged company. You know this is our baby. It’s real. So, I think that was our biggest milestone.


We had a few smaller ones beforehand meeting the mayor of London was also a highlight, but I definitely think our biggest milestone was getting that private office.


Where do you find inspiration in the workplace?


in terms of inspiration in the workplace. It actually comes back down to the core values of the company. So, for us, it’s about profit and purpose. It’s about doing our bit for the environment. And for me, I’m like a huge eco-warrior. I try not to use plastics or waste as much as I possibly can. So knowing that I’m taking my degree and my background and knowledge that I have and applying it to something that can actually change the world, it sounds really very, very miss world, the actual discussion, but the fact that I’m doing something to actually change things is a big, big thing. And that keeps me motivated as much as I possibly can be.


How has Mainyard helped you grow your business?


How mainyard has helped us grow and develop? its the fact that we have this massive office. we’re really, really fortunate for it. We’ve it’s allowed us to have a base, a central base where we can. Meet with people.


We can meet with clients. We can speak to customers and we can have a space for our staff. You know, again, as I mentioned with the pandemic, a lot of things have been changing and it’s been hybrid models working from home, but coming back into the office and coming back into a space where you’re safe and you feel happy to go into work and you feel like the community is really good, it really makes a difference on both your mental health and your productivity for what.


What are the best things about working at Mainyard Studios?


What, in my opinion, are the best things about working at Mainyard? It’s actually the community, it’s the people. So it’s the people we workaround. You know, they’re not necessarily part of our job, but being able to go downstairs and speak to them, whoever’s down there. And being able to have that sort of community vibe, that’s the most important thing. And it’s the best thing for us.


Please describe Mainyard in 3 words.


Bubbly, fun and creative.


You can buy Twipes at www.Twipes.co.uk.