Meet Lucinda Gallant From the Mainyard Music Studios East London

Lucinda Gallant was one of the first residents to rent one of our music studios in East London and we are excited to share this interview!

London based songwriter, singer and piano-player, Dare Summer, has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. Hours spent as a child listening to her jazz-musician father improvise at the piano inspired her to write music that reflects her mood and situation. Summer finds melodies in the harmony and words in her experiences. As one of the first Mainyard residents, Lucinda had her music studio in East London custom built.

“Lucinda, your stage name is ‘Dare Summer’, what was the inspiration behind this cool name?”

The name Dare is after the Human League album and Summer is for Donna Summer who is one of my musical heroes.

“What first got you into music?”

I come from a musical family, my father was a jazz pianist and so music was all around me when I was growing up.

“Who are your musical influences?”

As a songwriter, I draw inspiration from the 70s disco and glam eras, early 80s synth bands, classical music, jazz standards as well as the classic, piano-playing pop songwriters like Elton John, Carole King and Billy Joel.

“How would you describe your music?”

I find it hard to describe my music, you used to just be able to say pop music and people would know what you meant but nowadays there are so many genres and I get so confused! I guess you’d call it electro/alt-pop/singer-songwriter

“What messages are you trying to convey through your music?”

I never really try to convey any specific messages, I just write whatever I’m feeling at the time.  Occasionally I release a song that I wrote years ago and I can’t remember exactly what it’s about because the moment has long since passed. As long as a song means something to someone, that’s all that really matters.

“If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?”

Hmmm, I don’t really know how I’d change this but one my main beefs right now is that the market is completely saturated and that music is free to consume but still costs money to make.

“What has been your biggest milestone in your artistic career?”

Starting to release music finally after so many years writing it.

“What are you working on at the moment?”

I’m releasing a single next week so there’s a bit of preparation for that. Creatively, I’m writing a new album.

“Has COVID-19 impacted your music or the creative process?”

It certainly had an effect on my state of mind, as I think it did on everyone’s. But actually it’s been nice to have long, uninterrupted stretches of time ahead of me to write.

“What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?”

Don’t be scared to ask questions, it’s okay not to know things whatever stage you’re at in life.

“Did you find it difficult to break into the industry?”

It’s relatively easy these days to be an independent artist. Not that it’s not a lot of work, but it’s possible to release music without the need for a record company.

“What made you decide to create a music studio at Mainyard in East London?”

I needed somewhere to put my piano so that I could play it and not disturb anyone.  I was extremely lucky to have come across Main Yard Studios at the very beginning so I could choose my lovely room.

“How has Mainyard Studios impacted your music career? Do you collaborate with other residents?”

It’s had a big impact on my music, I’ve collaborated a lot with my neighbours here on the first floor, working with producer Dean Marriott on all my music and Park District on some of my videos. Many of the Mainyard artists have come and recorded on my piano as well! It’s been a very productive and inspiring 8 years!

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