Mainyard Studios’ Guide to Bow!

Who are we and what do we do?

Located between Bow Road and Mile End stations, Mainyard Studios Bow is home to creatives and entrepreneurs who want to grow their companies whilst also working flexibly and enjoying everything the area has to offer. 

In our location, you will find private studios, with capacities ranging from 1 to 8 people, a music studio and dedicated desks perfect for those who want to escape from the stresses of “working from home”, with an amazing garden where you will be able to work and relax during the pleasant summer days.

Mainyard Studios Bow is the perfect place for anyone who wants to connect, grow and work in a friendly environment while having fun and building business and personal relationships. 

A colourful space perfect to keep you motivated and productive. 

If you’re a fun, creative entrepreneur who wants to build a life changing business while meeting other like minded individuals, then we have a space for you!

Enough about us and who we are, let’s talk about Bow!

If you are considering moving to Bow or have even lived there for a while and STILL haven’t realised the greatness and huge potential it has, here are some reasons for you!


  • Located in Zone 2, Bow is easily accessible by London Underground or bus. The area is served by four London Underground Stations; Mile End, Bow Road, Bow Church and Bromley-by-Bow. Major bus routes serve the area as links to other parts of East London, such as Stratford, Hackney, Ilford and Docklands, whilst also providing routes into Central London and beyond.  


  • Like many parts of East London, Bow and neighbouring Mile End have seen extensive development in recent years due in part to renewal projects by Tower Hamlets council and other projects following the 2012 London Olympics. This means a rise in artisanal and craft businesses in the area which seek to provide a wide and extensive array of products and services, from microbreweries to eco-friendly fashion brands. The abundance of cheaper housing than in nearby areas such as Hackney and the East village in Stratford and the multicultural community means this area of London is always able to provide its residents and tourists a colourful and vibrant experience.


  • This isn’t to say that Bow has completely lost its character and charm as an East End epicentre (unlike gentrified Hackney, it still retains many of its victorian features and post war developments) Roman Road which is arguably the main artery that runs through the heart of Bow is a destination for any person living, working or merely visiting this area. Enjoy the abundance of eateries, restaurants, bars, shops and cafes that line this thoroughfare and not to mention the institution that is Roman Road market (continue through the guide for more info on this!) 


Over the last month, the team at Mainyard Studios have been working to create  “Mainyard Studios Guide to Bow ” for anyone living in, working in or considering moving to Bow or Tower Hamlets. This is because there are so many local, independent and amazing businesses in Bow and its surrounding areas that deserve more attention.


As a result, we have compiled a list of our favourite businesses in 8 different categories.


We have based this list on quality of service/product, price for service/product provided, customer service, accessibility and many, MANY reviews that support why the business is amazing and worth your time. 

Estate Agents

Hammond's Tower Hamlets
Hammonds Estates

Hammond’s is a local estate agent which seeks to provide a personalised and supportive experience for those looking to buy or rent property in Tower Hamlets. Priding themselves on providing customers and landlords a ‘familiar voice, adding that personal touch and setting us aside from our competitors’, Hammonds has been efficiently and reliably servicing the needs of homeowners and buyers/renters since 2007.  

Hammonds listings range in type and affordability from Luxury, high end apartments and houses in new and period properties to more affordable homes and dwellings which won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a reliable and high standard estate agent to assist you with any needs around selling, buying or renting a property in Bow and the surrounding areas then take it from Us Hammond’s is the right choice for you.

need a little more convincing? here’s some more info straight from the horse’s mouth:

“All our professional, corporate and private tenants expect a high level of service when they rent a property through Hammonds Estates, which is why our property managers are on call 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Our comprehensive Property Management service gives you peace of mind, and offers you the opportunity to reduce the pressure of being a full-time landlord, giving you the chance to enjoy your free time.” 

for more info check out the contact details below:

 Website: https://hammonds-estates.co.uk/

Contact: 020 8980 2226

Address: 57 Bow Road, Bow, London E3 2AD


Original Kitchen

Original Kitchen Bow

Bow, like Tower Hamlets as a whole, is home to a large and thriving South asian community and thus provides some of the best authentic dishes from the subcontinent. Original Kitchen contents itself on providing the very best of Indian cuisine, using only the best ingredients. It is safe to say that this isn’t your bog standard local Indian!

With an abundance of Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani restaurants to choose from in the local area, it’s pretty certain that you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking somewhere to tuck into a mouth watering meal. But speaking honestly, what sets the original kitchen apart from the rest is its ability to provide diners with a modern and upscale experience in a simple unpretentious surrounding for a reasonable price. 

Mixing traditional and authentic Indian dishes with modern London staples (i’m talking chicken shop-style Wings and Chips via the hipster haunts of Hoxton) Original Kitchen offers Indian fusion cooking like no other local restaurant. We would especially recommend the Gourmet burger which one reviewer described below:

“Really impressive food and service.

This place is worth a visit or a delivery on Just Eat. The hour et burger meal is delicious. It truly is a gourmet burger which is a massive beef/ lamb patty brimming with flavour topped with cheese and garnished with salad and sauce in a brioche bun.

Very nice chicken nuggets for nugget cravings. The keema naan is a delicious tandoori naan which is stuffed with lamb mince and will not disappoint.

Nice varied menu with a mixture of grilled, fried and traditional meals. Did I mention that the gourmet burger is delicious and really filling!?!?!

5 stars well deserved”

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Website: https://www.originalkitchenbow.uk/

Contact: 02089806333  




The Morgan Arms, Bow

Morgan Arms

It’s safe to say that there’s no short fall of East End boozers around Bow and its neighbouring areas, but if you’re looking for somewhere away from the West ham crowds on match days or the geezers who congregate at other well known haunts such as the Bow Bells or the Blind Beggar, then The Morgan Arms is sure to welcome you with open arms. 

This pub serves up a mean Roast on Sundays and at Christmas times and services its patrons with a wide and varied range of cocktails and beverages which will satisfy you if you’re looking for a liquid lunch or cheeky evening sesh. Tuesday nights at the Morgan Arms is the place to be with their popular pub quiz providing an array of prizes. 

Summer is fast approaching and quite frankly who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky G&T or Aperol Spritz out in the sunshine? looking for a local beer garden to hide away in? well they’ve got you covered at the Morgan Arms  with their quint little terrace, the perfect place to raise a glass while raising a tan.

Website: https://www.morganarmsbow.com/ 

Contact: 02089806389 

Address: 43 Morgan St, Bow, London E3 5AA



Muscle Base Gym

City Hustle Gym

If you’re considering getting back into shape or you’re a regular gym bunny who is turned off by the busy and corporate feel of Pure and Easy gyms then look to Bow’s City Hustle Gym as a sanctuary of exercise and workouts. 

This clean and well equipped gym provides everything you’ll need to get your sweat on. The vibe and atmosphere of this gym is really friendly and comfortable, with the operators providing quality service and advice on how to complete the best workout. this place comes highly recommended by reviewers on google:  

“I have been going to this gym since the lockdown has been lifted. I have never felt confident in myself and have always been shy in going to the gym. This is my first gym. I have really felt welcomed. The equipment and PT are very welcoming and helpful in showing different routines and exercises. Other female members are very supportive and motivating in helping me be the best me.”

Website: https://www.instagram.com/cityhustlegym/?hl=en

Contact: 07572 625502

Address: Unit 8, Hillstone Court, Empson St, Bow, London E3 3LT


Root 25 Cafe in Bow


This charming period style cafe is located conveniently in a listed building along Bow Road and provides customers with a charming and cosy environment in which to enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake. 

If you enjoy cafes that offer more than just your bog standard variety of food and drink and an unassuming location to enjoy a coffee and catch up, then root25 is definitely the place to be. 

regular events and activities provide the space with a bustling and exciting energy that other local cafes don’t. From Live music and book clubs, to fundraisers and themed dinners, Root25 is destined to become your local haunt if you live or work in or around Bow. 

Website: https://www.instagram.com/root25ldn/?hl=en

Contact: 07521920153

Address: 116B Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 3AA

Green spaces/Parks

Mile End Park and Gardens

Mile End Park and Garden

Located directly next to Mile End tube station, this large and pleasant local park provides the surrounding area with a sense of calm. An oasis in the midst of the busy intersection between the bustling Grove and Mile End Roads, this open space includes ponds, children’s playing areas as well as outdoor facilities for eager gym bunnies who are looking for a cheaper option than the PureGym located down the road. 

Less renowned than the nearby Victoria Park, Mile End park and Gardens also provides visitors with a leisure centre, a stadium and football pitches, tennis courts, walking trails, BMX track, indoor climbing centre and even a dog agility park so your four legged friends can get as much of a workout as you!

Website: https://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/place/36275395-mile-end-park-and-arts-pavilion

Address: Clinton Rd, London E3 4QY



Roman Road Market

Roman Road Market 

This East London Stalwart has been a part of the local community since the Victorian Era, and boasts a vast range of goods and products, from clothes and homeware to food and furnishings. open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, pop down to experience a lasting slice of the East End’s charm and maybe buy something that peaks your fancy. 

The market continues to be one of the busiest and most popular street markets in East London and it’s plain to see why. Joined by nearby Columbia Road Market and Broadway Market, Roman Road seeks to continue the long tradition of street trading in the area, servicing a large and diverse community and encompassing a cacophony of businesses and companies. The market was designated a Conservation Area in 1989, and extended in 2008 in recognition of its historic significance and special character as a 

traditional East End market.

Website: https://romanroadlondon.com/market/

Address: 536 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 5ES

open times: Tuesdays: 10am – 3:30pm

                    Thursdays: 10am – 3:30pm

                    Saturdays: 9am – 4pm 



chisenhale gallery in Bow

Chisenhale Gallery 

located just a stone’s throw away from Victoria Park, This community based art gallery is housed in a former veneer factory and brewery. Set up by local artists for local artists, the gallery boasts some of the most important works exhibited by east London based artists in the capital. 

Chisenhale Gallery has an award winning, 39-year history as one of London’s most innovative forums for art. With a reputation for identifying new artistic talent, the Gallery believes in making cultural impact through working with artists and learning from their neighbours. Chisenhale Gallery develops ideas with artists over a one- to two-year incubation period, from concept to completion.

Building on this rich and varied history, The Gallery continues to place artists at the centre of their activities. The 2020-21 programme comprises exciting exhibitions by Thao Nguyen Phan, Yu Ji, Abbas Akhavan and Rindon Johnson. Working with video, sculpture, painting and installation, the artists individually address urgent issues related to natural and built environments, as well as changing political climates. Throughout 2022-23, the gallery will present new commissions with artists Rachel Jones, Nikita Gale, Ayo Akingbade and Rory Pilgrim.

If your an Art obsessive or are just someone who enjoys wandering around galleries looking at innovative and expressive works then pop along the gallery anytime between Wednesdays and Sundays from 12pm – 6pm (during exhibitions only)

Website: https://chisenhale.org.uk/ 

address: 64 Chisenhale Rd, Old Ford, London E3 5QZ

If you have made it this far, then congratulations!

 To wrap this guide up we’d like to thank you for reading this far and we hope you enjoyed our Mainyard Guide to Bow and found it informative and hopefully entertaining! This is the fourth of several Mainyard Guides we will be creating featuring locations throughout London so if you subscribe to our email list, they can be emailed straight to you and you can download it as a PDF and or view it online.  We’d also like to thank the business listed in our guide for the fantastic services and products they all offer and wish them the best of luck moving forward.