Your Office Space is Deductible (And Will Stop You Going Insane) Low Cost, Fixed Fee Accounting with Nixon Williams.

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Low Cost, Fixed Fee Accounting. What?


To have a business you must have three essentials.

  1. Customers
  2. Something to sell them
  3. Someway of selling your products to the customers

Beyond this, things get more complex. It’s a fact. Running and more so, growing a business becomes more and more complicated however, there are ingredients and partners if you will that can make the experience less stressful and dare I say it, easier.

Finding the right environment for you and your business to grow is a key element

(ahem, a shameless plug of the Mainyard Studios workspaces).

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Another is finding the right specialists at the right price who can not only take some of the burden from you with regards to parts of your business but probably do the work better than you can.

Admin, marketing, and customer services are all elements that are commonly outsourced, eventually. However, the very first thing that new business owners get help with is accounting.

It can be a daunting process to find an accounting service that fits your carefully watched over budgets and how do you know if you’ve chosen the right firm? Or if they are racking up ad hoc charges that aren’t really necessary?

Que Nixon Williams with their low-cost, fixed fee accounting services.

Nixon Williams has been providing specialist accountancy services to contractors, freelancers, consultants, and interim professionals throughout the UK since 1995.

Recently featuring Mainyard Studios as one of the most optimal shared office spaces to work in London, Nixon Williams also states that the costs of renting an office are allowable as a business expense and so renting shared office space could cost you less than you think. It can also provide that much-needed setting to focus on your business or meet clients, away from your home.

“Starting out on your own as a freelancer can be lonely. A shared office space can help to recreate the office environment that so many miss when going solo but without the office politics! You will also benefit from tax relief on the cost of renting an office.”

Quotes by: Joanne Harris, Technical Commercial Manager at Nixon Williams.

Find out more on shared office space benefits where we are featured here: https://nixonwilliams.com/free-resources/contractor-guides/shared-office-spaces-london

What are you waiting for? Get great value accounting services from the team at Nixon Williams and a tax deductable workspace in a Mainyard Studios location, providing workspaces for entrepreneurs to build life-changing businesses!


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