Roll Call: Alessio Paratore, the Inspired Octopus.

Roll Call: Alessio Paratore, the Inspired Octopus.

For this week’s Meet The Mainyarder, we have the pleasure of getting to know Alessio Paratore. Photographer. Videographer. Nature lover and Inspired Octopus.


Alessio Paratore Inspired Octopus

Alessio Paratore, lead photographer/videographer from Inspired Octopus.


What or who inspired you to get into photography/videography professionally?


My granddad was a maritime engineer who travelled the world around and had a passion for photography and filming. I remember looking at his photographs of African tribes and steam liners for hours. His old Russian 35mm was the first instrument I used to get into the world of photography.


Where did the name, Inspired Octopus come from?


The octopus is very adaptable and his extremities can solve tasks independently from its central nervous system. It is the way I like to work with clients and collaborators where all inputs are taken in to get to a better creative solution.

Man with dust mask making a surf board

Some of Alessio’s work with Quicksilver surfboard factory


How do you make sure that whatever you are taking a photo or film of, ends up looking exactly the way you want it to look?


Creatives never really want things looking exactly the way we first intended. Best creative work is mostly the result of experimenting through trial and error, and creatives would hate something that turned up just as we first drafted it. However, when clients want an exact image we use all of our technical knowledge and experience to get what our clients want.


Did you always want to be a photographer/videographer or did you have another aspiration as a child?


Since my early years, I was an avid illustrator, then I started writing poetry, music and then I got into painting. I think I always wanted to be an explorer and an artist.


Are there any other creative people in your family?


I come from three generations of artists and visionaries. Particularly from my mum side, there is a great painter, a famous painter and mosaic artist, a restorer, an interior designer and a line goes back to the city founder family of Faro in Portugal.

Alessio Paratore In Photogrpahy Studio

Alessio in his studio doing some close up work.

How did you get your first paid job as a photographer/videographer?


I first started to get paid to do real estate photography and portraits.


What motivates you to wake up everyday and create film and photos?


Passion and vision is the main pull. The passion to communicate with people and share great content.

Airbnb Homes Strand Building Photography Studio East Lonodon

From Alessio’s portfolio. Work for Airbnb homes

What is your all-time, can’t live without it equipment and software and what does it do?


Well, I think I could not live without my laptop;  there is where all my ideas, processes and final product is being produced. I could use anybody’s camera and equipment to create but my laptop is where everything comes together. Adobe creative suite is the package I use the most, from reviewing, editing and cataloguing my work. I would find it harder to do what I do without it.


What influences in the work you create for yourself (as opposed to the work someone pays you to do)?


I get paid to promote people’s businesses and ideas. I create work that promotes the protection of the planet and the betterment of the human being for myself.



Do you have an area of expertise or super special- superpower skill that makes you awesome to work with?


I think that after my powerful skillset and technical knowledge, my creativity and lateral thinking, my clients always come back for my personality. They say I am a great human being to work with.


Understanding and translating an idea from a client must be challenging. How do you make sure you fulfil the needs of clients especially when they may be unable to articulate exactly what they want?


One of the most important parts of being creative is being able to create a brief from talking to a client. That will give us the data to create a treatment for the client. When a client reviews the treatment and is happy to go ahead, I know we will fulfil his needs.


Do you ever find yourself creatively blocked and if so, how do you overcome it?


It is common to get to a creative block. When that happens I usually ignore the blockage and find myself a great inspiring thing to do and forget about the whole thing. I try to do things more connected to nature. The absence of human information can be eye-opening. Walking the park, surfing, fishing, hiking or any other outdoor related activity can clear any blockages. I found myself having the greatest ideas while fishing or surfing a wave 🙂

Photography Studio East London Woman and Boy with Surfboard Taghazout Bay

Alessio Paratore Photo from his portfolio. Photo: Surf at Taghazout Bay

How do you market yourself?


Most of my work comes from referral.


If someone could wave a magic wand and make your biggest challenge go away, what would life look like for you?


Good question! I would probably be living very close to the sea and having a portfolio of around 20 clients working in sustainable businesses focused on the travel industry.


If you could get one concept or message to humanity, what would it be?


Be kind and be generous as life will bring you back what you put in it.


If you want to get in touch with Alessio, contact him through his website here: Inspired Octopus.


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