Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

Shoe Dog – A Memoir Written by the Creator of Nike, follows the struggles of Phil Knight fighting for his shoe company, the powerhouse we know as ‘Nike’.

The influence of Nike was most definitely not built overnight, but endeavoured countless obstacles to reaching success. This gripping memoir vocalizes the trials and tribulations of the pursuit of success, the journey people may undermine. 

Shoe Dog

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Here are our favourite quotes from the book:

“Hey dad… remember my crazy idea”. 

A now multi-billion-dollar footwear manufacturing company just started with a ‘crazy idea’ and a heart full of passion. Having faith in yourself forces you to figure out a solution. With Phil’s crazy idea, he found himself in Japan pitching this idea to a shoe manufacturing company. 

“Wisdom seemed an intangible asset, but an asset all the same, one that justified the risk”. 

Although wisdom is not something we physically have, it is within us all the same and thus an invaluable and irreplaceable power. It drives us to take calculated risks and do things we might not thought of doing before. 

Don’t settle for a job or a profession or even a career. Seek a calling. 

Fining a calling will take time and deep thought, however it will reap the biggest rewards. This will generate a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action. 

People may not be supportive of your ideas or your business until it is deemed ‘successful’. But keep going. Don’t stop. 

If you want to start a business, people will doubt your abilities. But if you work hard and prove that it’s going to be successful, they’ll change their minds. It may be lonely at the early stages but don’t let that stop you from doing what you were meant to do. 

Overcoming trials and tribulations of a risky business is always the most exciting and memorable moments of a journey. 

The greatest stories ever told did not have a static journey. Overcoming obstacles and hardships emphasise the thrill and chase of life, seek these moments and they will be the best parts of your journey. Phil Knight was always battling one problem after another; without these controversies Nike would possibly never had been created. 

Although growing up in an environment of ‘conformity’ and ‘respectability’ the pursuit of passion will always defeat these arbitrary and stable notions. 

Conformity and respect has crippled society into following a traditional way of life, the ultimate anti-climax of life. This mindset will never fully allow us to live freely and will always be in some sort of rat race asking questions of ‘what-if?’


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