How to run a sustainable business

In today’s world, everyone is looking for a way to live sustainably and be environmentally conscious. This article explores the ways you can manage sustainable business practices at work 

In any industry we can help by using eco-friendly and sustainable practices to run our business. At Mainyard Studios, we are constantly asking ourselves, ‘‘How can I be more sustainable’’. But another important question to ask is “How can I run a sustainable business?”.

sustainable business


Mainyard Studios uses sustainable and eco-friendly processes around their buildings to become more environmentally conscious. Examples include:

  • Sustainable renewable energy supplier 
  • Recycle in the building – rubbish collectors upcycle, recycle and organic digestion 
  • Low energy resources, lights and taps are censored so turn themselves off 
  • Reusing furniture – second hand, up cycle including the building materials as much as possible. 
  • Encourages people to ride their bike to work by providing bike stands in the building 
  • Desk lamps


When asking ourselves ‘‘how can we be more sustainable’’ we found a few affordable solutions!

Sustainable energy supplier 

Bulb provides 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. And gas is 100% carbon neutral too. They offset the emissions from the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. Plus, they’re the biggest buyer of green gas for homes in the UK so a chunk of their gas mix comes from renewable sources, like food or farm waste. 

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Recycling in the building 

At Mainyard we have general waste bins and recycling bins to separate our waste. The rubbish collector further separates the waste into resources that can be upcycled and recycled for organic digestion. 


Low energy resources 

Around the Mainyard buildings we have lights and taps that are censored and turn themselves off when there isn’t any active movement. This is really helpful as it turns off all the lights when they don’t need to be on. 


Reusing furniture 

All of our furnishing is second hand or upcycled including the building materials as much as possible. Reusing furniture is a great way to use items that would otherwise be thrown out. Many people have unused things in their houses, so it’s important to find them new homes instead of discarding them.


Bike Storage

One of the best things you can do to cut down on emissions is cycling. Whether it’s a short commute or an all-day adventure, bicycling is easy and fun! In our buildings we have bike storages where residents can safely keep their bike while they work. Having our bike storage has encouraged many of our residents to cycle to work which makes their commute to work emission free. 


Desk lamps

As we have dedicated desks and co-working spaces with people using the areas at different times we use desk lamps if there are only a few people in an area. We only use the overhead lights when there are lots of people in a space at the same time. This means we cover only the essential parts with light rather than a large space with a few people.


Simple ways your business can be sustainable:

  • Ride a bike or walk to work
  • Plant shrubs and trees around your local area – collaborate with charities
  • Ecosia – search engine that plants trees
  • Use alternative energy sources for power e.g. hydroelectricity or solar
  • Opt for green web hosting e.g. GreenGeeks, HostPapa and iPage
  • Switch to post consumer waste (PCW) paper. This is paper that is made entirely out of recycling. 
  • Use compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights – last longer and use significantly less energy 
  • Shop locally 
  • Use biodegradable soaps and cleaners
  • Use a smart meter 
  • Encourage refillable water bottles or provide real kitchenware in your kitchen spaces e.g. glasses, mugs, utensils, plates, bowls 


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