Quite Possibly the Best Private Offices in East London

Office to rent Wanstead Leyton East London

Quite Possibly the Best Private Offices in East London

Yes, we are talking about our own best private offices in East London, however,  if you read on we also hail to a few of our faves from other workspace providers *wink*.

Private Office East London Woman Working at Computer Mainyard Studios

One of the Best Affordable Private Offices in East London

Where are the Best Private Offices in the East End of London?

As you well know, East London is an important business district in London. From Hackney to the Docklands and the East End, lots of history and old stones. There is always a buzz in East London, with posh private offices offering something for everyone, whether you are a small business looking for desk space, looking to lease office spaces for longer durations or a large business conglomerate looking for ‘full-service’ offices. There are also many public parks with benches where you can sit for free and watch life happening. If you are after the Nobel prize for literature, this is a good place to start getting ideas.

‘You can Find Everything Here – from Super-Creative Spaces to your own Startup-Focused Place.’

Looking for an office around East London, you’ll have a hard time choosing. You can find everything here – from super-creative spaces to your own startup-focused spaces.  If you own a startup and are looking for a positive atmosphere and a fresh community feel, private office spaces in East London won’t disappoint you even a bit, unless of course, your expectations involve golf lessons with Tiger Woods included in the price!  No wonder that East London is among the most popular destination for businesses looking for private offices. Businesses depending on delivery and posting will also find a wide choice of post offices.

‘These Spaces Provide Everything that an Ideal and Modern Office Could Need.’

More and more growing small businesses have preferred to rent some of the best private offices in East London as a suitable alternative to traditional ones. These full-service private offices are extremely popular for the flexibility and hassle-free operation they offer.   The best private offices in East London are architects’ delight too! They have designed their interiors with exquisite attention to details and the spaces are populated with vintage furniture, not that you should care, you go there to work. These spaces provide everything an ideal and modern office could need: amazingly fast broadband (that displays results even before you type in your query)

  • library (if you feel like being shushed all the time),
  • 24-hour secure access (just like home)
  • caring staff ( so caring they pretend your fake cactus actually pricks)
  • meeting room (if ever you need to meet in a room)
  • fully furnished kitchen (for all your ‘kitchening’)
  • inventory storage (to store all your inventory)
  • locker (to lock stuff)
  • gym (with a vending machine filled with chocolate)

‘East London Workspaces are Designed to Foster an Excellent Working Environment.’

East London workspaces are designed to foster an excellent environment where workers enjoy working and can contribute to the growth of their company. Any business can hire or own private offices at the coolest locations in East London, or the warmest. Workers can have a focussed, collaborative, comfortable and creative vibe and this is the reason why private office spaces in East London are absolutely loved by the creative community of London. Maybe they are not absolutely loved, let’s say highly appreciated.

Mainyard Studios Iconic Street Art Hackney Wick Building

Mainyard Studios Flagship workspace with private offices, music studios and coworking. Street Art Mural by Martin Ron


Best Private Offices east London

Mainyard Studios Hackney Wick, East London


One such private office space that frequently makes it onto the list of the best private offices in East London is the Main Yard Studios at Hackney Wick. It provides 57 comfortable and stylish office spaces where you can take your business to the next level. You can have your own relaxed office where your talented employees would feel at home.

Your untalented ones will also love it, don’t worry. Here you can be surrounded by a plethora of creatives as your private office will share a building with music studios and makers spaces as well as freelancers from creative industries in the coworking space. Mainyard Studios has 7 buildings spread across 5 boroughs. 5 of the buildings are in East London,  because it is that amazing.


Other notable and most popular private office spaces in East London include the Bootstrap in Dalston,  Netil House at London Fields,  and the Google Campus in Shoreditch.

Best Private Offices east London

Boostrap Building Dalston, East London

If you are an ambitious business of any size and are looking to make your mark in your industry, the workspace providers of East London are there to provide the places you are looking for. They will provide you with the professionalism and the perfect ambience where you can be a part of a much wider community, swap ideas and generate valuable contacts to grow your business.