The Social Animal

The Social Animal: The Story of How Success Happens by David Brooks

The book discusses what drives individual behaviour and decision making. Brooks goes through various academic topics such as sociology, psychology and biology and attempts to summarize various discoveries— such as brain development in early life.

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Here are our favourite quotes from ‘The Social Animal’ explained:

If the body impersonates an attitude long enough the mind begins to adopt it.

The mind can’t distinguish between the body and what happens to it. So, if your body impersonates an attitude long enough, then the mind will begin to adopt that same attitude. By having this mindset you’ll be able to eliminate procrastination and anxiety to fulfil what you need to do. 

Behaviour change often proceeds changes in attitudes and feelings.

By changing your behaviour towards an attitude object, it often leads to a change in attitudes or feelings. Amongst all the variables we face on a day to day basis, changing behaviour is a force we are able to control, used positively can change your whole sense of attitudes and feelings. 


Those who have habits and strategies to control their attention can control their lives.

The habits we develop with our attention control where our lives go. If you want to achieve something, focus on the right things and make sure to improve your strategies. Our environment influences our behaviour, and we should use this to our advantage. 


The key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not a divine spark. Instead, what really matters is the ability to get better gradually over time.

No matter what you’re doing, getting really good at it is about one thing: practice. The key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not ‘luck’ but hard work and patience. Learning is not a single event. It’s an ongoing process that you have to work at on a regular basis. If you want to get better, you should always be learning


You can only discover your vocation by doing it and seeing if it feels right.

Most people don’t know what they want to do in life but by doing things that interest you is one step closer to feeling what’s right. 


Failure is just a step in the process of learning.

When we learn something new, we’ll often fail before succeeding. Without failure, there is almost never a chance to grow. Without growth there is no success. 


The truth is, life is about producing failure. We only progress through a series of regulated errors. Every move is a partial failure to be corrected by the next one.

Every time we try to do something, we make a mistake and learn from it. Mistakes are just another step in the process of getting good at things. It’s a good thing that life is full of mistakes, because it forces us to keep moving forward. 


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