Top Five Benefits of Being a Mainyard Co Working Space Member in Hackney Wick 

Top Five Benefits of Being a Mainyard Co Working Space Member in Hackney Wick 

By Fozia Kauser

Creative Hub Manager

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The Canal


I’ve got to say my favourite thing about being located at Hackney Wick is the canal. It’s a great location to stretch your legs or sit by the river for lunch. And WE’RE RIGHT NEXT TO IT! 


Every season you can watch life around the canal evolve, the boats move on, the weather change, the mist on the water in the early crisp mornings or the heat reflect off the water during the warmer months. 


It’s such a treat to be located so close to the water and research has proven that being near water has many benefits for our mind and body. Including lowering stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of well-being and happiness. 

Stratford London





It always surprises me how Stratford is a walk away from the Mainyard Office. It literally takes less than 20 mins to cross through the canal and walk by the charming east village on the way to the mini city. 


Once you are there you have access to a wide arrange of shops and restaurants. It’s a great convenience to pop over after a day’s work or why not treat yourself and take a half day off to do some well deserves shopping! 

Mainyard Studios Hackney Wick Martin Ron Mural

The Graffiti 


Hackney Wick has a very artistic personality both the vibrant underground scene and the graffiti we see on our walks around the area every day. I’ve got to say it’s always a surprise to turn a corner and see a new piece of art work sprayed onto the corner of a building or another bright addition to a wall. 


Hackney Wick is full of art street, next time you pop out see if you notice something new in the area or do you have a favourite that draws your eyes to it every time?  

Burger Van Mainyard Studios Hackney Wick

The Blue Van 


Now if you’re craving the egg sandwich for breakfast, lunch or tea. This place the place to be. Without fail Ersan and his father Ismayil have been here every weekday for the last 32 years! His egg sandwiches are the most respected sandwich this side of hackney wick and he will make it just how you like it. If you don’t believe me just go and find out yourself! 


He’s right on our doorstep. Literally.  

Number 90 Bar & Kitchen Hackney Wick

Number 90 Bar 


Now if you have not heard of the best-kept secret on this side of the river (obviously this applies to members only) but bar 90 offers all its Mainyard members 20% off food and drink. And yes, I know you are wondering… Does this apply to that sneaky Friday lunch beer? Yes, it does! That’s 20% off all alcoholic drinks also so why not head down after work and join us for a drink right by the canal after a long day of work. 


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