TTNY / MYS introduction

We would like to invite you in to our warm embrace…


We are Mainyard Studios. Well, the people of Mainyard Studios. This is actually Tori writing this message; cofounder, mama and entrepreneur.

Since TTNY and Main Yard Studios will be snuggling up soon, we thought we’d share a little about what we do and how we do it.

The reason Mainyard Studio exists is to create productive environments for entrepreneurs and small businesses to create, connect and thrive.

We provide physical workspaces including coworking desks, private offices, music studios and maker space and fill them with people who like to share their knowledge and encourage others to do the same.

We have some core values that we do our best to live by and invite the residents of our spaces to do so also, however, in a nutshell we just encourage everyone to be excellent to one another!

We do our best to get to know every single person in our spaces so that we can understand how to best serve them, whether that means organising some after work beers, arranging for a coach to share some wisdom that will help them progress on their entrepreneurial journey or simply connect as human beings.

See you soon for a cuppa and a hug

Lots of love

The Mainyard Studios Team.