Which Are the Best Music Studios in East London?

Which Are the Best Music Studios in East London?

Best Music Studios in East London

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that London has some great music studios since music has always taken the lead in all things culture and fashion. From the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who to Radiohead, Deep Purple, and the SexPistols,Londonhasproduced some great bands. And the list just goes on.
While in-house production is on the rise, there’s nothing like having a full-scale studio to bring out the best in the artists. East London is at the centre of attention when it comes to a creative friendly place. From offering posh production houses to soundproofed studios, it hosts some of the top professional music studios in London.
Here are some of the top music studios you should be creating music in if you are in East London.



Soup Studio – Orchard Place, London

Soup Studio is built on a converted lightship which was previously used to house a diesel engine. It is anchored at Trinity Buoy Wharf. It offers wonderful panoramic views of the Thames and the redeveloped London docklands. The recording room comes with a breakfast bar and kitchen. Access is also provided to the lighthouse from where you can witness spectacular views of the London skyline.

Light Ship moored near milenium dome

A recording studio housed in a former light ship, London.

The control room is naturally lit through four portholes. The live room has a classic 80’s finish with excellent acoustics, and can easily host a whole band. There is also a large isolation booth and some unique reverb chambers.

Source https://www.soupstudio.co.uk/

Mainyard Studios – Bow, Hackney Wick, Leyton Walthamstow (Also Wimbledon in South West London)

Founded in 2012, Mainyard Studios is based in 5 London boroughs and contains a range of sound proof rooms available for long term rent. Its flagship space in Hackney Wick showcases the creativity within through the huge murals covering the front of the three buildings it occupies.

Each of their spaces houses a varied and friendly community of musical artists, small business owners and freelancers. With the mix of workspaces including coworking, private offices, maker-spaces and podcast rooms that are housed in each building alongside the sound proof rooms that are perfect for music producers and sound designers.

man in music studio in east london

One of Mainyard Studios many soundproof rooms available to rent long term.


They also host regular social events, seminars and workshops, and along with their lower than average pricing, the studios and other workspaces in Mainyard Studios are a great value melting pot of creativity.




The Premises – Shoreditch, London

The Premises is the first in Europe to have a solar powered professional recording studio. It has been one of the most popular music studios in London for over 30 years. The fully solar powered studio consists of three recording rooms, a private rooftop, and a large control room. There is also an on-site café which offers food and drinks throughout the day.

Recording Music Studio East London

Source: https://www.premisesstudios.com/

There is plenty of natural light in the control room and the private rooftop conservatory, which makes it ideal for filming live sessions. The control room provides a great environment for mixing and recording since it has the best of both digital and analogue workflows.


Dock Street Studio – Whitechapel, London

Dock Street Studio is a newly built studio with two control rooms along with two great live rooms. The studio rooms are built in with excellent mood lighting to give a boost to the creative environment. It comes with a big lounge area with a varied vinyl collection in case you are looking for an inspiration or just want to take a break. Or you can just drop into the kitchen or make yourself a cup of coffee. In case you are too hungry, the restaurants of East London are just a few steps away.

Drum kit in Music Studio East London

Source: http://www.dockstreetstudio.co.uk/

The studio has a variety of instruments and can house a full band for live recording, making it an ideal place to create. The control room and the live room has a large viewing window for allowing maximum communication between the two rooms.




Strongroom Studio – Shoreditch, London

Strongroom offers some of the best sound facilities and equipment with excellent visual design. It started off as a single studio in a warehouse in the 1980s and which has now grown into a full-fledged recording and mixing complex offering four recording studios, three 5.1 mix rooms, eight programming rooms, and a restaurant and a bar.

Colourful recording studio east london

Source: http://www.strongroom.com/

The studios are cozy and comfortable, and the visual designs make it seem like an audio playground for creativity.


Café Music Studios – Ordell Rd, London

Located in the heart of East London, Café Music Studios is famous for its warm ambience. Established for over 30 years, the building and experience recording here is immersed in history. It hosts two recording suites well equipped with state-of-art recording facilities and equipment. Apart from being just a recording studio, they also provide full-fledged assistance – from writing and development to production and composition.

Mixing desk music studio east london

Source: https://cafemusicstudios.co.uk/gallery/

They have a cozy lounge with a great sound-system for playback, a kitchen, along with the facility to store your gear during block-bookings.


If you want to get your music on and rent a blank canvas soundproof room to make your own in one of the Mainyard Studios locations across London, call 0333 344 2634 email Alex@mainyardstudios.co.uk or fill out the online enquiry form on our website here.