Why You Should Live In Hackney Wick

There are plenty of reasons to live in Hackney Wick but we thought we’d narrow it down to some key points to help you decide.

Music and Arts

Hackney Wick is the place to be for music and art fans that want to be part of a community where they are encouraged and admired. Unlike many parts of London, it’s actually still affordable for artists. Hackney Wick has plenty of amazing studios for all artists but the best (of course) are right here at Mainyard Studios. So come check us out! There are also PLENTY of live music bars such as Grow, Black and White and WORLDROCKUK. There are also music venues to enjoy in Hackney Wick so for a budding musician, I can’t think of a better place to be.

Leisure and Food

Leisure time in Hackney Wick is seriously some of the best in London. Hackney Wick hosts a silly amount of awesome quirky bars and some incredible restaurants. I mean, this alone, has me contemplating the idea of moving, as I love that kind of scene in a neighborhood. One thing guaranteed to make any down days better would be to take a relaxing walk along the canals. They stretch for a VERY long way so you won’t get bored and have to turn back after five minutes. Try not to cycle along with them however as I’m not sure if it’s a rule or not, but some people walking along will get VERY annoyed. Hackney Wick also has some fantastic transport as Stratford is a short train ride away and is well known for its plentiful train lines and bus station.


Property development in Hackney Wick has cast its eye to Fish Island, previously an industrial work zone. Developers have come up with a plan to create over 5000 new homes and some new workplaces (offices e.g). This makes Hackney Wick an ideal place for first-time buyers and younger people itching to get on the property ladder. As more new builds are being constructed, you can of course expect a good quality home for you and your family/partner. I’ve also seen that among the new builds, there will be workplaces SPECIFICALLY designed for small, new, and old businesses. So if you have a business idea that’s been stashed away for months out of fear or lack of resources, this may be your golden opportunity. However, if you’re looking for a house/flat with more character, the townhouses in the area are fairly limited and there don’t seem to be many available for renters. If you really wanted to find one though I’m sure you could.

I hope this gave you a clearer idea of what you could be enjoying daily if you lived in Hackney Wick and that you enjoyed our Hackney Wick blog series!