Why You Should Live In Leyton


Here are some of the many reasons to live/work in Leyton!


Leyton is only a short distance to central London and because it is on the central tube line. This makes it extremely accessible for anyone to go on a day out in central and other locations in London.

Like Hackney, Leyton is becoming a more desirable place to work or live with plenty of property-owning opportunities for first-time buyers and even some older, less sought-after areas that are being revitalized.

Needless to say, Leyton is FULL of amazing restaurants and takeaways. Also, loads of quirky and chilled cafes, and a few superstores for all your shopping needs. Refer to our blog on the best restaurants in Leyton for some inspiration. Must Try Restaurants.

But if you fancy treating yourself, Oxford Circus is on the same tube line! Also, take in the amazing Leyton Orient stadium as it’s only a short walk from the station. It is definitely worth living close for the convenience of not having to travel to see matches.

Also, there is so much multiculturism in Leyton. It would be hard not to feel like part of the community and want to live here. Leyton has been undergoing a tough transition for the last 5-10 years, to turn into an interesting and convenient place to live for people of all ages.

We hope you found this little post informative and hopefully it made a good case as to why you should live in Leyton.