Women’s Startup Resources

Women’s startup resource pack for Women’s History Month/International Women’s Day

To celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s day, we have created the ultimate resource pack for female entrepreneurs, sharing tips and tricks to keep on inspiring women in any industry.

How to start a startup

Women are leaders in every aspect of their lives and we see the power of females rise everyday as we speak. Today, there are more women than ever before that are starting or owning businesses. The number of female entrepreneurs has doubled since 1989 and continues to rise. From 22,257 businesses surveyed, approximately 7205 were launched by female entrepreneurs. This results in 33% of UK businesses owned by women. This has been a phenomenal rise in female run businesses compared to five years ago when only 17% of businesses were founded by women. 

Women in business


What the pack includes:

  • Books for aspiring female entrepreneurs 
  • Inspiring podcasts by women
  • Blogs by women supporting female entrepreneurs
  • Social Media accounts of inspiring women 
  • Start Up Checklist
  • Business Finances
  • SEO


We have also come up with 4 important points women should remember when running their business:

1. Women supporting women starting businesses

Women supporting other women in business is a power we must encourage, as the support most definitely runs deep. A study conducted by American Express Open and Ellevate Network (an online network for professional women), states almost half of business owners globally are female. Further, more than 30% of the businesses that have been started since 2005 have had at least one woman co-founder. This shows how important it is for women who own businesses to be able to learn from each other. They can also share advice on how they’ve managed their success as well as any challenges they face along the way


2. The importance of mentorship for female entrepreneurs

Today, there are more women than ever before that are starting or owning businesses. However, the number of women that hold executive positions is still small in comparison to men, it’s important for them to seek out mentors and role models who can help guide them through their respective industries. By taking steps towards achieving their goals, they will be increasing their chances at becoming a trailblazer in her industry or even starting her own company from scratch. 


3. How to find a mentor and how mentors can help you succeed

It is easy to be self-reliant and think that you know everything necessary to run your business. However, it is often an advantage to have another set of eyes looking over your shoulder from time to time when making decisions. A mentor can help you focus on the longer term goals for your business rather than getting bogged down with day-to-day issues. Also, mentors provide invaluable advice and tips about how best to negotiate contracts as well as gaining valuable insights into building relationships with key players in your industry or niche market. 


4. There is a higher failure rate among women-owned businesses compared to those by men

Female entrepreneurs have been on the rise, but still face challenges in today’s business world. Women are 40% more likely to start a company than men. But, 1 in every 4 female-owned businesses fail within 18 months of starting. The reason for this is lack of funding, lack of confidence and lack of support. 

Studies show that only 25% of women were likely to seek financing for their businesses compared to 34% of men. You should seek out female-centric investor groups who are particularly passionate about supporting women run businesses. 

It is important to not let lack of confidence hold you back. Owning your losses will allow you to grow and learn from your mistakes. The best stories are never static, the fight and overcoming drawbacks make you the hero. 

Furthermore, seeking support from business owning peers is a necessity and many women feel more comfortable connecting with other female entrepreneurs rather than their male counterparts. However, go with whatever you feel will help you gain the most value and insight. 

Women may also “fail” business because they tend to prioritise their families and relationships. This is 100% okay to do and often necessary. 


How to start a startup

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